Sensual Shaman

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ISIS PHOENIX - Sensual Shaman

Sacred Sexuality ~ Celebrating the Holy Body & Sensual Spirit

hieros gamos

"The attraction between one naked body and another is but a small reflection of the insistent eros between our body and the earth." ~ David Abram

Isis Phoenix MOVING out WEST

Seattle, WA

June 1st - Oct 31st

Sexuality is our creative energetic expression and in our culture we are only given permission to experience a small fraction of our fullest energetic potential.  Our sexual energy has the power to heal, transform and empower our lives.  When we know deeply our most authentic sexual and sensual nature and actualize and celebrate it rather than suppress it, we gain the awarenss and empowerment to acutalize all aspects of our lives.  The more fully sensually embodied and sexually expressed we are the more permission we have to be turned on, fully present, expressed and embodied in all areas of our lives.  Sexuality is our entry point - the great creative source which we are conceived from and return to at the end of our Earth walk.

The body and planet are mirrors of each other, each alive with orgasmic life force energy.  Belief patterns from religions, media, and society have taught us to destroy this natural connection, poisoning the beauty, power and pleasure of the energy that consummated our creation, causing it to become fractured, compartmentalized or diminished which in turn has imbalanced our relationship to our bodies, our beloveds, our planet. 

A Sensual Shaman supports individuals in remembering and reclaiming their truest nature, sensual embodiment and authentic self-expression.  She guides, heals, loves, holds space and creates transformational rituals for those ready to release shame, guilt and fear that have become trapped in the body’s DNA.  A Sensual Shaman holds space for individuals to uncover the precious places inside that have been covered up, ignored or suppressed and calls these places back into one-ness to be celebrated as part of the holy body and sensual spirit union.  A sensual shaman holds a blue print for our highest, most radiant, most magnificent selves to become fully realized and self-expressed.  Those ready to heal the disharmony, to bridge the split, to celebrate the sensual wholeness of our bodies, our souls and the planet are stepping forward.  You have not stumbled upon this site by accident.  If you are here and reading this, the transformation has already begun within you.  Let us transform together and strengthen our body and spirit's channels for orgasmic energy, the energetic union we have with all of creation and return us to a place of right relationship within ourselves, our sexuality and the Earth.   

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