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Naked Yoga

 Naked Yoga

Naked Yoga ~ A celebration of beauty, freedom and yoga.  This is a deeply intimate and awe-inspiring practice that celebrates the  beauty of our holy body temple in all its shapes, sizes and yogic abilities.  Naked yoga is about seeing and being seen, allowing transformation, and honoring and celebrating the body our spirit union.  This is a practice of freedom, intimacy, celebration and unconditional love.  This deep meditative practice meets your body where it is and honors you as a perfect divine being.  I am currently only offering private and couples naked yoga sessions at this time.  All levels of yogis are welcome to study privately.



Individual 1 hour drop in $200

Five 1 hour sessions package $900

Couples 1 hour drop-in $260


Naked Yoga Bodywork is a restorative, relaxing, hands-on practice that focuses on you receiving assisted deep stretches and hands on bodywork. It is a deeply intimate practice that works deep in the yin tissue of the physical body as well as the subtle energy bodies. There is no direct genital touch. 

90 minutes $280



The word "Asana" refers to the physical practice of yoga. "Exposed" - the story and body and soul of the indivudal.

When we tell our stories, they become the stories of the collective. When we dare share our bodies from a place free of shame, there is a part of struggle of the human relationship to being in a body that is healed. A part that is transformed. A part that is celbrated.

When titling this blog, I came back to the physical body and the practice of yoga both as my entry point into my own personal transformation and the collective transformation I saw it bring to others. Deeply transformed by my own experience in the naked yoga practice, I spent several years interviewing those who found their way to my naked yoga classes with interesting stories of how they arrived there and what brought them to the practice.  Beyond that, as my own offerings and interests expanded beyond the naked yoga community, I became fascinated with the stories of peoples bodies, particularly those who practiced and celebrated a form of conscious nudity as a holistic form of self-expression. I sought to find out why they were attracted to conscious nudity, what it offered their own personal transformation and how it brought them closer to their own body spirit union. To be naked is to stand in a place of spiritual vulnerability and to be transformed by it. In a practice of conscious nudity, we must meet and examine our whole self and also these bodies that we have been given, or, if you rather, that we have chosen. This inquiry brings us to examine the body / soul relationship and the struggles and joys of living in a body and transcending, for the most part, body negative society.

If you have a unique story to tell that has involved transforming and celebrating your body through conscious celebratory nudity and would like to be interviewed and photographed for ASANA EXPOSED please email me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

Questions to contemplate before our interview::

Tell me the story of your body.

Why did your soul choose this body?

What has a practice of conscious nudity offered you?

What is the greatest lesson you've learned from your body over the years?

What struggles have you faced being an embodied soul in your particular body?

Stay in touch with this project on the ASANA EXPOSED BLOG

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