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Isis Phoenix

05280007From a young age I was a 'feeler' – able  to sense Source energy in everything I come in  contact with. My primary form of learning always came through my body and its life experience in connection with nature. I was a very successful performer for many years using the stage to explore my voice, movement, emotions and sensuality in relationship to the world - an ‘appropriate outlet’ for a young woman growing up in the Midwest. I was generally type cast among the archetypes of sultry siren, seductress, wise woman, and high priestess because somewhere these energies in me were already alive. My body and energy telegraphed a knowing whether I was conscious of it or not. In the conservative environment where I grew up, however, it was absolutely forbidden to express these energies off the stage and outside of a performance context. This of course was incredibly confusing as my body and soul wanted to explore the energetic, spiritual and sexual freedom that was available on stage in my everyday life.

My path began just as I graduated from University.  My theatre professor, seeing something in me, introduced me to a High Priestess of the ole ways. This meeting changed 
my life forever. This powerful wise woman saw in me and helped me explore what my Midwest Bible belt roots told me was wrong, or too powerful to be expressed - the energies and frequenices of the divine feminine and the Goddess.  From this meeting, the doorway was flung open into another way of being - integrated.  I apprenticed with this wise woman and studied and practiced Earth-based rituals and traditions that resonated with my sense of the body / spirit union as holy and sex as sacred.  I went on to study with many wonderful teachers of spiritual sexuality including Kenneth Ray Stubbs Phd, Dr. Deborah Anapol, Susun Weed, Anyaa McAndrews, Amara Charles, Tammy Nelson, Gina Odgen, Barbara Carellas, EveLynn Maurine.  I received my 200-hr yoga teacher training in New York City and went on to be certified in aerial yoga and Thai yoga massage. An extension of this integration has been cultivating a world wide naked yoga movement and inspiring others to do the same - celebrating the body as sacred and returning to wholeness and vulnerability through the sacred ceremony of group nudity and honoring the temple of the body. I have undergone a five-year apprenticeship with a Celtic Priestess. I am initiated as a Sexual Shaman, Ordained as a Priestess in the Madonna Ministry and have apprenticed as an herbalist Wise Woman tradition of Western Herbalism.  I have studied and received my teacher training in Pelvic Heart Integration therapy as taught by Dr. Deborah Anapol as originiated by Dr. Jack Painter.  

IMG 6316I create sessions and ceremonies to empower the erotic and its sexual and spiritual expression, perform weddings and hand-fastings to unite couples in a celebration of their love and hold seasonal rituals to mark the spiritual and sexual transformation in ourselves that is reflected on the planet. I am dedicated to the message of reclaiming the beauty, totality and pleasure of living fully in the human body - wholly, sensually, sexually self-expressed in harmony and with divine purpose. My work is my dharma. I live in accordance to the moon phases, the seasonal shifts in nature and the wisdom from my own body.

I create simple transformational healing ceremonies that include touch and human connection to nourish the holy body and sensual soul. My body, my mentors, my relationships, my community, my beagle Molly and nature are my greatest teachers. 

My classes and work have been featured in Metromix, Timeout, Jane magazine, NY Post, N Magazine, AANR, Tantra Café, NY Spirit, N Magazine, Fox News, BBC, Elle Magazine, Marie Claire, MSNBC, Vogue, and Cosmopolitan.

top photo by Frank Esposito, bottom photo by Ed Highfield.

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